Harshita Parekh

Very good lessons offered by Milton Keynes Music Academy. Very experiences and professional teaching!

Nicoleta Ivascu

Fantastic experience learning here!

Kyle Hutchings

Wonderful experience, with first class tutelage of the highest professional calibre.

Martha Argerich
International Performing Artist

I have been performing with Gabriele Baldocci for twenty years and I consider him as one of the greatest musicians of his generation. He is a also wonderful music teacher and an inspiring personality. The Milton Keynes Music Academy is his latest project. If you are looking for music lessons in Milton Keynes, you are the luckiest person in the world to have such an amazing school near you!

Alicia Chaffey

I was privileged to study with Gabriele Baldocci for three years and I must say that every lesson felt like opening a treasure chest full of technical and musical gems. It is wonderful to see that Gabriele and his staff are now generously sharing this invaluable knowledge to a broad range of students. The Milton Keynes Music Academy will be changing many lives and forming the next generation of enthusiastic musicians.


Giulio Poggia

I completed my MMus From Trinity Laban Conservatoire a few years ago and am now having lessons at Milton Keynes Music Academy to prepare for auditions and competitions.

I can honestly say that I have one of the best teachers I have ever had. It’s rare to find a teacher that:

1. Understands piano technique and is able to explain proficiently.

2. Has an ongoing performing career and is therefore able to share his experience in the field.

3. Has studied with great names.

And I might also add that he’s friendly and humble, which is not always common with top piano teachers!

Thomas Robinson

Incredible teachers, I would absolutely recommend them. David is an exceptionally talented musician, and his attention to detail really allows you to achieve the level of progress they promise. The Milton Keynes Music Academy is a great opportunity to be taught by some of the best musicians in the United Kindgom.

Samuel O’Neal

I first started having lessons with Gabriele 4 years ago. I am now currently at university studying music but continue to travel down to Milton Keynes to receive piano lessons from him around once a month. He has been an incredible teacher and a true inspiration for me, allowing me to take my piano playing to the next level both technically and musically. I could not recommend him and his staff enough. With every lesson I feel motivated which leads to consequent progress and I am extremely thankful for it.

Anna Mazarese

If you want to make great progress with your instrument, this is where to go. My son’s teacher is beyond every expectation; kind yet always to the point, he knows how to stretch my son’s ability and make him more confident with every single lesson. The music teachers at Milton Keynes Music Academy make you a better instrumentalist and an all rounded musician. Plus, they have great human and mentoring skills so they’ll know how to make your performances better, playing on your strengths. Can’t recommend them enough.