Enjoying Music No Matter Your Age: Tips for Adults and Children Seeking to Learn an Instrument in Buckinghamshire

Did you know that learning an instrument can benefit people of all ages? Whether you’re a young child with a passion for tunes, or a senior citizen looking to start something new and pick up a hobby, you can easily find a way to start your music journey and enjoy the wonderful world of music. In the beautiful county of Buckinghamshire, there are multiple opportunities for children and adults to begin their musical path- learning an instrument can be an enriching and educational experience.

Why Adults Should Take Music Lessons

Adults often think that music lessons are for children- but that could not be farther from the truth! Numerous studies have shown that music lessons for adults can have many benefits, both physical and mental. Music can help us to relax, by allowing us to shift focus to something creative and calming. In addition, those who take music lessons as adults can also potentially improve their sense of hearing, help improve their coordination, and can restore the connection of the body and mind. There are many instruments that are appropriate for adults to pick up, such as guitar, violin, singing, and piano- all of which you can learn in the comfort of your own home. The beauty of learning an instrument as an adult is that you have the freedom to pick and choose what works for you–unlike when you’re younger, you now have the experience and the discernment to choose a suitable instrument and learning process based on your own needs.

Why Children Should Take Music Lessons

People often don’t realize the massive impact that music can have on a child at an early age. Music lessons for children can help to sharpen their aural skills, and it also helps to develop their creative abilities–giving them the opportunity to express themselves in unique and lovely ways. Music lessons can also help with improving the child’s social skills, since the lessons will take place in a group setting and allow them to interact and learn from others. Listening to music and playing it can also be an important part of their development and growth, offering them an opportunity to open up communication and have a common interest with other people. Plus, learning an instrument can help with discipline, as it often requires regular practice in order to improve and progress.

The Best Music Lessons in Buckinghamshire

At the Milton Keynes Music Academy, we’re committed to providing the best music lessons in Buckinghamshire. We understand the needs of both adults and children, and have gone out of our way to find experienced and qualified teachers who are passionate about music and teaching. Our conveniently located academy offers lessons in guitar, piano, singing, voice, & violin- all taught under one roof. We believe that learning an instrument should be exciting, creative, and engaging- and as such, we make sure to craft the perfect curriculum to meet our student’s individual needs.

All of our teachers are DBS-certified, and they all make sure to take the needs and goals of the student into account when planning lessons. We also offer early morning and lunch time lessons for home schoolers, retirees, college students, and working professionals. Furthermore, we make sure to host fun activities and events that students of all ages can look forward to- such as free recitals in world-class music halls, and picture days. If your child has shown an affinity for music or any instruments, please contact us to arrange a consultation lesson. It would be an honor for us to be part of your music journey, and to help you or your child take the first step.

Finding the Right Music Teacher for You

At the Milton Keynes Music Academy, our director, Gabriele Baldocci, personally chose an amazing faculty of professional and experienced teachers who will teach you to the highest standards. We have the right teacher to meet your music lesson needs, and all of our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly, and are dedicated to teaching the style of music that you want to learn. Plus, you can rest assured that we don’t require semester minimums or long term contracts- we are confident that our lessons are enjoyable and that you will understand their importance. Come join us, and enjoy the wonderful and magical world of music- with the right teacher, and the perfect instrument, you’ll be on your way to becoming a master musician in no time!

March 6, 2023